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Through hard work and perseverance, B&H International personifies the American success story. Established in 2001 B&H has now grown into an operation nearly twenty times larger since it first started.


Selecting the most reliable components along with cutting edge design technology to produce the most reliable and robust mobile powered cart solutions available.

Printers, scanners, scales and point of sale technologies can all be mobilized to create a more effective and productive work environment. With over 15 years experience in mobilizing these technologies and many others, PowerCart has over 75 application-specific carts to choose from. PowerCart products are ergonomically designed to meet all guidelines published by the American Disability Association to make them comfortable to use and backed by a standard one-year warranty with extended warranties available.

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Flex 500

Our entry-level workhorse has proven to be very popular for mobilizing laptops, PCs and thermal printers. With scalability to meet the runtime requirements of a very productive work environment, the Flex500 exceeds the expectations of our customers. With a compact base frame the Flex500 will create greater productivity and optimize the use of your wireless infrastructure.

Flex 3000

The most malleable cart we offer, the Flex3000 has a wide array of options to transform the cart into a mobile powerhouse that can accommodate virtually any type of hardware. With the option to incorporate our most powerful mobile power solution, the Flex3000 can meet even the most aggressive power requirements while remaining aesthetically pleasing for retail environments.

DC 1200

The original PowerCart, our DC1200 has been deployed into large distribution centers, air plane hangars and many tough environments. The most rugged PowerCart available, the DC1200 has consistently been praised for its reliability and virtually indestructible framing. With scalability to even match a 24/7 operation, the DC1200 will continue to be a mainstay in our product line up.


Once referred to as the RP series, the VersaLane series creates “versatile lane management” by mobilizing any type f point of sale platform. Where tight spaces are a reality, the VersaLane series of product can be compact or can be selected in a larger format to provide greater top surface space for customers. The VersaLane is ideal for event sales, line busting or garden centers.


Customers with existing carts can still achieve a complete mobile solution through the incorporation of our stand-alone power in a box. The PowerBox can be scaled up to meet the most demanding of power requirements or kept in a standard format to deliver 8+ hours of autonomy from a wall outlet.