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B&H International embodies the quintessential American success story. Established in 2001, the company has steadily been growing to an operation nearly twenty times larger today.


March 25, 2016

B&H employees competed to see who could design and build the best paper airplane. Employee’s designed and tested their original designs before competing head to head. This activity was designed to take a moment from work to relax and have a little fun, something that is helpful to a productive workforce. Employees were encouraged to think creatively, as they turned their prototype planes into finalized competition spec planes. Employee’s had ten minutes to design, build, and test their planes. This tested their creativity, ingenuity, and time management skills.

The competition consisted of 2 throws, the final 2 with the farthest plane would face off in an all or nothing showdown.

Anthon and Horacio faced off in the final showdown. Anthon won with nearly double the distance of Horacio’s plane.

B&H CEO Tasneem Katabji

“I think it is very important for employees to have an opportunity to express creativity in fun and engaging outlets. By participating in this activity our team has an opportunity to think on their feet, and execute projects in a timely manner. The development of these skills is not only fun, but also improves their performance in day to day tasks.”

August 12th 2016

Huzefa beat Sam with 2-1 after scoring in the first minute of overtime.

This is the second time Huzefa takes home the title in the B&H Foosball championship.