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Through hard work and perseverance, B&H International personifies the American success story. Established in 2001 B&H has now grown into an operation nearly twenty times larger since it first started.

In-House Packaging

Packaging per MIL-STD 2073 E

Labeling and bar coding per MIL-STD 129


WAWF or DD-250 preparation

Assembling and labeling of kits

Inspection and repackaging of products

Hazmat Air Shipper Certified (IATA)


Welcome to B & H. We are a woman owned small business dedicated to fulfilling the procurement needs of the United States Armed Forces and other DOD agencies wherever they might be stationed around the world.

Since 2001 we have executed numerous contracts worth millions of dollars with diligence and integrity, helping our Armed Forces fulfill their missions.

As a leading supplier of high-technology and specialized products to the global defense and aerospace markets, B & H International delivers a broad range of commercial materials for facility maintenance and operational needs along with a wide variety of weapon system spares for aircraft, ships, tactical combat vehicles, missiles and submarines.

We cater to a vast and diverse product line which allows us to fulfill almost any need. Our supply contracts include aerospace, industrial, safety and other misc engineering items. We have also executed contracts that combine supplies and services of large industrial machinery to various bases in the United States.