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Through hard work and perseverance, B&H International personifies the American success story. Established in 2001 B&H has now grown into an operation nearly twenty times larger since it first started.

DC 1200

With thousands of DC1200s in the field, this simple yet feature rich cart is ideal for mobilizing thermal printers and PCs in the toughest of environments. With limited maintenance required, the DC1200 is user friendly and also adheres to all ergonomic guidelines for push/pull force required to move or stop. With a durable stainless steel top surface and a resilient powder coat finish to prevent scratches, the DC1200 will provide many years of productive use.

Solutions: Logisitcs, Mobile Office, In Aisle Printing

Rugged: Welded steel frame and four post design make it the most rugged cart available. It can handle the toughest environments while protecting sensitive electronics.

Reliable: Outstanding reliability, designed to work all day every day backed by the best warranty in the business, one year including batteries.

Rich on Features: Multiple shelving and power configurations to suit almost any requirement with up to 40 hours of runtime.


Power Options

PowerVision: Increase savings with our patented PowerVision Solution.

Supported Hardware

Extended Warranty: Two or three year extended warranties available.