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Through hard work and perseverance, B&H International personifies the American success story. Established in 2001 B&H has now grown into an operation nearly twenty times larger since it first started.


Our Commercial Department is the exciting addition to a thriving B&H International LLC. Some of our Vendors, impressed with our aptitude to deliver services in timely and satisfactory manner as a government prime contractor, have expressed interest in seeing B&H international representing them further in other areas of operations. It is surely a testimony to our quality of work and trustworthiness.

We are committed to providing private companies and small businesses with the same uncompromising services and line of products that we have the federal government.

We are proudly introducing PowerCart Systems, as a leading provider of mobile stations, and will be doing the same for other strategic partners.

PowerCart has been chosen by the US Department of Defense and many Fortune 500 companies to support their mobile strategy. Read More